Photo Constry (Construction Photography)

It is not everyday that I go up to the active floor (floor scheduled for concrete pouring) of our ongoing project construction… Not often I check or inspect, but more enough I closely monitor… Under the heat of the furious sun these men under pressure bares more than enough just to keep going….

And as an appreciation for their endless effort that not even the most precious dime could pay…

“For it has always been passion to do a job well done.”

How do we measure a person?




No…. It will always be Passion…

For at the end of  each rough day, passion is the reason why we continue living – even life, sometimes, is unbearable to handle…

For no other thing except passion a man can be measured – strength in old age goes with weakness and superiority may deteriorate but the passion remains within one’s soul. It does not die as long we live to continue each of our dreams…


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13 responses to “Photo Constry (Construction Photography)

  1. Amazing photos, and amazing story behind them! I like your perspective in these, it is very fresh, and such a nice tribute to these hardworking men!
    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog too!

  2. So refreshing to read a post about those who are (also) passionate about construction and architecture – nice twist on the subject – Thanks for following.

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