Northern Teaser

A teaser for my upcoming blog…


17 responses to “Northern Teaser

  1. That photo sort of looks like a view you might could see in Utah, USA. I am anxiously awaiting your photos of the latest place that you have visited.
    Thanks again for viewing and subscribing.


    • I was also surprised when I found it out… This place is one of the reasons why I really tried hard to convince my colleague to push our Vigan trip up to the Northern part, while uncertain if the tropical storm will hit the place – just lucky it turns to be a sunny day.

      A similar comment to yours, my cousin from Canada also said that this place looks similar to Drumheller, Alberta…:)

      I am asking you and everyone πŸ™‚ for a little more time. I am dying to post this article… I am really busy with my work lately and schedule’s really tight, as soon as I finish proofreading/checking/re-writing, I will immediately publish it and the “SAND DUNE”….

      Thanks for dropping by.

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